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Packing And Boxes Tooting sw17

sw17 mobile storage option

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at Packing and Boxes.

Packing Everything Properly

To ensure that you have everything packed properly before you move into self storage SW17 from Storage Tooting, there are some steps that you should take. Firstly, make sure the items you're looking to store are either already packaged or wrapped in bubble wrap for safekeeping. When possible, disassemble furniture and other large items to fit more easily into storage boxes. Label all boxes/containers clearly and note the room of origin on them as well. This allows you to quickly identify what’s inside each box when retrieving or ordering items from the self-storage space.

Selecting the Right Boxes

When it comes to selecting boxes for packing and storing your items, there are a few things to consider. Make sure they are strong enough to hold their contents without breaking but also remember that too big is never a good idea either -- less weight means it will be easier to move the boxes around in self-storage SW17 from Storage Tooting. In addition, keep track of how many boxes/containers you have so that you know where each item is when you need it from your storage unit. Choose stackable containers wherever possible, so that you can safely store items and make sure everything stays firmly in place with minimal effort on your behalf.

Tips for Packing Sensitive Items

When it comes to packing sensitive items such as electronics, documents, fragile objects etc., always check that they are properly sealed tight before moving them into self storage SW17 from Storage Tooting. Make sure all cords or cables are wound up tightly and taped together. Place electronics or delicate items like glassware into original packing if available. If not, be sure to fill any extra gap in the box with bubble wrap or foam padding to avoid any breakage during transit and storage. Keep an inventory list of all the electronics and their components stored in self-storage by Storage Tooting to ensure nothing gets lost once it goes into storage. Take pictures of these items if necessary so that you can confirm if something has gone missing or been damaged while in storage.

Finally, if you'd like additional assistance when packing and preparing your items for self-storage SW17 from Storage Tooting, our friendly customer services team is here to help - simply call Call Now! for more information about our full range of services. We look forward to providing you with quality storage solutions soon!

Lowest Storage Prices in Tooting

Get in touch with us today and we will offer you storage Tooting, which is cheaper yet better.

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £17,50 £70 £210 £420
2x 35 sq ft units £35 £140 £420 £840

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

–°lients Say

George R.


I am grateful for the amazing service I received at this storage company during my move. Made the process much more manageable.

Moira Evans


Amazing deal for top-quality storage services with a foremost emphasis on safety.Accessible booking system via the website unveils an array of storage facilities sprawling all over dynamic London.

Lola K.


Cars for moving readily available, as well as the storage chamber cleaned up nicely - everything proceeded without any issues!

Josh M.


Impeccable facilities, the customers service was extraordinary and dealt with everything in an effortless manner.

Norma D


I enquired about renting out one of their rooms. Storage Box Tooting offered many secure storage options. Their prices, the size of their rooms, everything was just what I needed.



The team was exceptional, they followed through each process coherently and smoothly. We are highly joyous with the storage unit - it caters to all of our prerequisites until we reach our residential goal! Furthermore, its cost is quite low!

Amelia Wangle


I got a great deal on some storage units. Happy to do business with them in the future.

T. Shrader


I moved my items into one of their storage rooms a few weeks ago. I haven't been back to their facility to check on everything yet, but so far everything's been easy and professional with Mobile Storage Tooting.

Lottie D.


Tooting Storage is one of the best self-storage facilities in and around my area. They keep my stuff safe and secure.



The only thing putting me off hiring a self storage unit was the worry of security. I wasn't sure that I'd be happy leaving my belongings in a unit, until I came across Home Storage Tooting. Their staff told me all about their high-tech security methods and how secure the facility was. I was really impressed and more than ready to give their service a go. A few months down the line I can safely say I'm thrilled with the service and the security at this company. Excellent value for money and a fantastic service!

Contact Information

Company name: Storage TootingLtd.
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 89 Bickersteth Rd
Postal code:
City: Tooting, SW17 9SH
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: Longitude:
E-mail: [email protected]
Description: To have professional and safe storage solution choose our storage company SW18 for container storage, SW17 mobile storage box or outdoor storage in Southfields, Wandsworth, Streatham Park, Mitcham, Thornton Heath, Norbury, Tooting, etc.
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